About Me 2.0

This "About Me" section is extremely outdated.  It's fucking 4 years out of date.  I've since graduated and gone on to bigger and better things.  Currently, I am a Research Scientist/ Engineer within UW Medicine at the University of Washington.  I live in Seattle full-time, but I try to think of San Antonio, TX & Vancouver, BC Canada as my second homes.  Starting Friday, March 9th, 2012...I'm salvaging this blog that I have abandoned over the years and claiming it as my own once again.

Okay, so this is what I'm all about...sort of

Lost In Translation is my creation. I guess by definition, you can call it a blog.

Well, now that we've got it all cleared, let me go ahead and tell you a bit about myself.

If you haven't already figured it out, my name is Dylan. I was born in Thailand, however, my parents one day decided to relocate to the United States. My hometown is Seattle. I'm the guy that loved Transformers & Gundam Wing as a kid. Currently I'm a senior at Washington State University and living in this small college town called Pullman. For a while, I didn't think I'd be graduating anytime soon...always traveling & backpacking abroad & such. Simply attempting to experience everything & anything in my youth so that I'll have bigger than life stories to tell when I'm old & confined to a rocking chair. I believe the experiences I've had in other parts of the world is something that can't simply be learned from only sitting in a university class room for four years...

However, I am graduating really soon. As much fun and exciting it is, I really can't be this Peter Pan (which I've been for the past few years) living in Neverland (what I call "university life") any longer and need to go out and be part of the so-called "real world".

I'm a mad dreamer. A searcher of great times with my friends & everyone. Shyness may come into play sometimes but not all the time...mostly when I'm nervous and then I tend to bite my lips. I'm also a very open-minded person and I'm always ready to get into new things & try stuff out...thus the scars, bruises, and even occasional broken heart. I turn light red when I drink, a little like the burn during a tan...right before the browning.

I love random adventures, therefore don't be startled when I call you up at 4am and we end up finding ourselves down at the coast playing with leftover fireworks and then laying on the hood of my car, watching the sunrise with a case of Coronas, and sharing an iPod.


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